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a little bit about me and how it works

Make me your home baker! I started off as a stay-at-home mom with a passion for making out-of-the-bun meals for my family. Learning to bake as a hobby over many years, I now use my tricks of the trade to bring some warmth and smiles to my fellow Buffalonians. A UB Engineering MS graduate, I even started a PhD, only to discover that I am better off using my natural talents. I plan to continue to share my love for artisan bread with the world for hopefully a few of years, for as long as my heart stays true to giving personal attention and an artist's touch to every loaf.

I bake and deliver. ​My central route takes me around the village of Williamsville toward the village of Elmwood and back. I deliver to Williamsville area at no charge, charge a small fee of 5 dollars to deliver to Elmwood Village area. I do serve some faithful bread lovers outside these areas, too: the standard delivery fee for the farther-away Buffalo places is 20 dollars, but I extend personal delivery discounts to customers located not too far. Just let me know before ordering and I will see what I can do.  Also, I waive the delivery fee for large orders. 

Overwinter Coffee is where you can get the first taste of what I make. It is my favorite coffee shop. Look up one of their three locations near you. If unsure, try the Williamsville one on a weekend, to also spend some time in a cosy Glen Falls Park. But beware. People go to Overwinter, try my baguettes, poppyseed rolls and other pastries, and these are never the same: they simply must have this taste again.

I work by pre-orders. A typical week has two "bake days". For each bake, I decide on the selection of the goodies to be offered, and make an announcement on Instagram. Whether you get to check out the announcement or not, the general rule is simple: order from this website for the next available bake.  You can pre-order 6 days in advance but note that the pre-order window closes at 9PM two nights in advance of each bake day. On the bake day, expect that your order gets to your door by 7PM. 

Special events such as a week featuring a special product like a Russian-style kulich for the Easter or an upcoming pop-up shop will be announced every so often. Following me on Instagram is the best way to keep track. Also, for convenience, all my posts appear on the front page of this website, under "Current Announcements". 

For office meets, family get-togethers and celebrations, I have some interesting choices, too. Go through the gallery on "The Goodies" page or just ask me. Also, quite some members of my bread nation like to occasionally send an order to friends as a gift.     


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